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Whats all the hype over Anna Maria Island?

Definitely come here for the sunsets, but plan to stay for the sunrises, too. Anna Maria Island, a quaint stretch of a seven-mile snow white sand along Florida's West Coast, is a place that revels in the end of day.
As the sun slips past the horizon, bongs clang, music plays, cameras click, and viewers try to guess the exact time of
daylight's finale. It's a nightly celebration not to be missed, but come morning, visitors still will find plenty to do until the evening ritual starts again. Anna Maria Island is just about an hour's drive from Tampa, the mostly unknown strip of
paradise beckons to those who want to relax and hide out, as many celebs do. You're likely to see Stephen King, Jerry Springer, tennis diva Maria Sharapova, Moody Blues' Graeme Edge, or Jimmy Van Zandt strolling along the beach or in one of the shops or restaurants. But for the rest of us who don't have to worry about the paparazzi, the island offers laid-back, luxurious accommodations and sensuous beaches in a tropical setting.
For those lucky enough to be heading out of the frozen North to the island this winter, made up of three towns:... full post


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on Mon., Mar 5th, 2012
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Real Estate Investing it's not rocket science.

If you are like most people who have never invested in Bradenton real estate you might think it is too difficult or the risk is too great or the biggest misconception is that it's too expensive.  Don't get me wrong there is a lot to learn and there is always risk when it involves investing, that's where a professional comes in.

There is a big difference between a licensed sales person and an investment specialist and the differences can be very costly if you don't choose wisely.  The principles are broken into two parts you can buy and "flip" or buy and "hold", the preferred method for building long term wealth is to buy and hold.  That's not to say you can't get rich by flipping Florida properties but it is expensive to get started and can be a lot riskier unless you are clairvoyant or have a rich uncle ready to give you money.  Buy and hold is simple; buy, rent, re-invest, it is a repeatable process that typically takes a little longer to "get rich" but the risk is less.

There are plenty of lenders ready to lend on performing properties with as little as 20% down, the trick is to find preforming or even under-preforming properties that yield the return you are looking... full post


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on Mon., Dec 5th, 2011
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Established Neighborhood vs. New Home Subdivision?

I will begin by saying that the motivation of property sellers will ultimately determine the deal you can get.

While the real estate market in Manatee and Sarasota Counties are forecast to remain soft for a while longer the unit sales are the highest they have been in three years.

The absorption rate of homes with price points between 700k and 1.5 mil is at a three year high of 4.6% (6% being a normal market)  so wile the prices are slowly dropping when the inventory hits an equilibrium the prices will begin to rise, I am not an economist but I can tell you from experience that when this occurs the demand makes a quick and steep spike for a short time.

As for the difference in existing Bradenton neighborhoods vs. a new home community it should be broken into two comparable's, first being your long term plan for the home and the actual sales factors.

First your long term plan will impact my opinion, for example if you will be selling the home once your child in finished school or you will use it as a vacation or second home or you decide to lease the property and how long you plan on keeping the property will have a great effect due to the fact... full post


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on Mon., Nov 21st, 2011
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Why Should You Use A Real Estate Investor Specialist?


(Bradenton, FL - September 20th, 2011) Barry Grooms of RE/MAX Alliance Group has earned the prestigious Own America Investment Certification Program (OICP) designation, by completing extensive training in the Real Estate Investment market. This is invaluable expertise to offer at a time when the opportunity to build wealth in Real Estate is at its peak.  Barry Grooms has completed intensive course study that will enable him to prepare a strategy for professional real estate investors,  such as; how to read market cycles and move investors into action, the drivers of Real Estate wealth, how to analyze markets, how to mathematically analyze properties, and how to council investors.

“In this market I have to be able to set myself apart from the masses, while I am having one of the best years of my career, I still need to grow and prepare for the next generation of real estate.”  “I have developed the skills necessary to read the housing market cycle, create an investment plan, identify markets with the greatest appreciation potential, find distressed properties, locate diamonds in the rough and analyze properties to fit your objectives.” said Mr. Grooms.

Greg Rand,... full post


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on Thu., Sep 22nd, 2011
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Barry Grooms Elected Florida Realtor District 13 Vice President

(Bradenton —August 31, 2010) Barry Grooms of RE/MAX Alliance Group was recently elected as the 2011 Florida Realtor District 13 Vice President, at the 2010 Annual Florida REALTOR (FR) Conference held in Orlando.  He will serve a one-year term as District Vice President responsible for Manatee/Sarasota/Charlotte/Desoto and Lee Counties.  His responsibilities will include; communicating with local associations and updating leadership on National and State issues that reflect the real estate industry.   Along with conveying to District Members through the local boards/associations the benefits and features of Florida REALTOR programs, projects and any changes to policy or procedures.

Grooms has been active in the Manatee Association since 1999, serving as a Director in 2005, 2006, 2007 and held positions on numerous committees.  He also served as the Manatee Association President in 2009.  His other real estate related activities include, REALTOR Political Action Committee (RPAC), Ethics Instructor, and Education trainer for Women’s Council of... full post


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on Wed., Aug 31st, 2011
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