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Whats All The Hype Over Anna Maria Island?

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Whats all the hype over Anna Maria Island?

Definitely come here for the sunsets, but plan to stay for the sunrises, too. Anna Maria Island, a quaint stretch of a seven-mile snow white sand along Florida's West Coast, is a place that revels in the end of day.
As the sun slips past the horizon, bongs clang, music plays, cameras click, and viewers try to guess the exact time of
daylight's finale. It's a nightly celebration not to be missed, but come morning, visitors still will find plenty to do until the evening ritual starts again. Anna Maria Island is just about an hour's drive from Tampa, the mostly unknown strip of
paradise beckons to those who want to relax and hide out, as many celebs do. You're likely to see Stephen King, Jerry Springer, tennis diva Maria Sharapova, Moody Blues' Graeme Edge, or Jimmy Van Zandt strolling along the beach or in one of the shops or restaurants. But for the rest of us who don't have to worry about the paparazzi, the island offers laid-back, luxurious accommodations and sensuous beaches in a tropical setting.
For those lucky enough to be heading out of the frozen North to the island this winter, made up of three towns: Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, and Anna Maria can provide a respite from the blowing winds or the noise of the snow blower. You're not just locked into beach life here, either. There are myriad activities in the Tampa Bay area, from state parks to
museums to luxe shopping, within easy driving distance. But if setting up the beach chair turns out to be the most
strenuous exercise you do, don't feel guilty. It means you've succumbed to island lifeā€”just like the locals have been doing
since Spanish explorers discovered the spot around 1530. Arrive, Relax and Enjoy!


Barry Grooms
posted by Barry Grooms
on Mon., Mar 5th, 2012
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